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Original blues song by Charles Mascari  "Red Barn"   (c)(p)   2004  -2019  copyright  cmascari

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Charles Mascari Contemporary Jazz Guitarist

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Albums: ONEpm, Chillin, plus multi singles songs also.


Jazz Guitarist, Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, Producer




With over 47 years playing music. He shows the dedication it takes to write a "Hit Song"  BILLBOARD WORLD SONG 

CONTEST  2009, 2010.

Read reviews For Charles Music “Love his music” Vic G., “Awesome Music” K.L., “Everytime he performs music the customers fill my restaurant cafe” Barb.*****



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Charles Mascari Biography

  Charles Mascari is a contemporary jazz guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer. His solo projects have been contemporary jazz, smooth jazz, urban grooves, new age. 

   In addition to performing live his original music is being placed in film, tv commercials, tv themes, background music and much more.

   In the early years as a young teen, Charles started with piano, then shortly after began studying guitar and then he discovered jazz. He attended music college affiliated with Curtis Institute studying upright bass performing in the orchestra. While in college Charles joined up with the jazz quartet "MJQ". They performed in clubs, concerts and colleges throughout the East Coast. After college Charles worked as a sideman with some local bands performing jazz, blues and rock still involved in recording sessions on guitar and bass guitar.                                                

2003 and 2004  

   Charles composed music for his first 3 solo albums guitar, bass, and keyboard. The cd albums include "Natual Journey" "Reflections"  "Red Barn". 


2005 and 2006 

   Charles released his 2 Dvd's blending and performing his original jazz creations and stunning nature photos creating a complete multimedia experience. Mascari's dvd's include "Relaxing Moments"  "The River In Motion".


   Charles released his cd album he composed and produced, on guitar, bass, keyboard entitled: "Chillin by Charles Mascari"


   Charles released his latest cd album "ONEpm" and a single from the album entitled "This Is Love"

   Already, his eagerly anticipated contemporary smooth jazz album is being anointed by his loyal fans and radio personalities as his best yet. With something for every cool music taste, you'll find a variety of laid back to up-tempo music perfectly composed captivating a distinctive sound with appeal to a wide range of listeners with inspiring compositions and memorable melodies, grooves, and guitar playing that speaks to all our souls.


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Single Songs available-

Chill Out

Ride With Me

Nite Ride

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This Is Love - single  click here 

Natural Journey album  iTunes  >  amazon

Reflections  - Meditation relxation cd  go to contact form request informaton.

DVD's by Charles Mascari

Beautiful original music photos video

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Relaxing Moments dvd

The River in Motion dvd

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 "Soul Mates" a song from the Chillin album by Mascari  


Check out this great video, listen 

and get all the information about the "Chillin" album by Charles Mascari. 

He has performed on guitar and multi-instruments on this album. Charles has composed and produced this cd album.

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